Integration of atmospheric cold plasma with organic acids

We reported synergistic antimicrobial efficacy of treatments by integrating conventionally used organic acids (e.g., lactic acid, peracetic acid, gallic acid, citric acid etc.) with ACP. Our research also demonstrated that the sequential combination of organic acids and cold plasma treatment led to increased and fast inactivation of Salmonella Typhimurium. On the fundamental side, our research also provided an improved understanding of the inactivation mechanisms of the combination treatment of cold plasma and organic acids. This work has practical importance as several outbreaks related to Salmonella in raw poultry meat have been reported. This work led to a provisional patent application.


  • *Yadav, B., & **Roopesh, M. S. Synergistically enhanced Salmonella reduction by sequential treatment of organic acids and atmospheric cold plasma and the mechanism study. Food Microbiology. More information
  • *Chaplot, S., *Yadav, B., Jeon, B., **Roopesh, M. S. (2019). Atmospheric cold plasma and peracetic acid-based hurdle intervention to reduce Salmonella on raw poultry meat. Journal of Food Protection. 82(5), 878-888. More information

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