Atmospheric Non-thermal Plasma Assisted Food and Bioprocessing

















Atmospheric non-thermal (cold) plasma is an innovative and non-thermal decontamination technology. Atmospheric non-thermal plasma has the potential to reduce pathogenic microorganisms in water and on surfaces of food products at high- and low water activity environments. 

Research Directions:

  • Cold plasma based integrated process development for food processing applications
  • Understanding the influence of water properties on microbial resistance and quality of foods during non-thermal plasma treatment in low water activity environments
  • Optimization of process parameters to reduce mycotoxins on cereal grains during atmospheric cold plasma treatment
  • Optimization of in-package atmospheric cold plasma treatment for meat based products
  • Antimicrobial synergy of non-thermal plasma, nanoparticles and chemical disinfectants
  • Atmospheric cold plasma interaction with proteins to improve their functionalities
  • Microbial biofilm inactivation by atmospheric cold plasma treated air and water mist

Current Projects:

  • Understanding the influence of water properties on microbial inactivation during processing of low water activity foods
  • In-package non-thermal cold plasma treatment of ready-to-eat deli meat.
  • Rapid degradation of mycotoxins in animal and poultry feed materials by atmospheric cold plasma technology
  • Inactivation of pathogens on freeze-dried pet foods by in-package non-thermal plasma
  • Development of plasma based cooling process for fresh meat and produce
  • Protein functionality modification by atmospheric cold plasma
  • Microbial biofilm inactivation by atmospheric cold plasma treated air and water mist

Students and Postdocs:

Dr. Basheer Iqdiam, Barun Yadav, Ehsan Feizollahi, Abdullahi Adam, Muhammad Faisal Arif and Sitian Zhang

Dr. Lynn McMullen (Department of AFNS, University of Alberta)
Dr. Ying Tsui (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta)
Dr. Aman Ullah  (Department of AFNS, University of Alberta)
Dr. Xiaonan Lu (University of British Columbia)
Dr. Ruurd Zijlstra (Department of AFNS, University of Alberta)
Dr. Stephen Strelkov (Department of AFNS, University of Alberta)
Dr. Lingyun Chen (Department of AFNS, University of Alberta)
Dr. Xianqin Yang (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)


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  • *Yadav, B., *Spinelli, A. C., Govindan, B., Misra, N. N., Tsui, Y. Y., McMullen, L. M., **Roopesh, M. S. Influence of in-package cold plasma treatment and post-treatment storage on Listeria monocytogenes population on ready-to-eat deli meat. (In Preparation).
  • *Feizollahi, E., **Roopesh, M. S. Factors influencing the antimicrobial efficacy of dielectric barrier discharge plasma for food processing applications: A review (In preparation).

Project Sponsors:

NSERC Discovery and CRD, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Innovates, Alberta Canola Producers Commission (ACPC), Mitacs, Beef Cattle Research Council. 

                                                               Atmospheric plasma jet system