Process Engineering Research to Improve Safety, Quality, & Utilization of Food and Biomaterials

The Food Safety and Sustainability Engineering Research lab at the University of Alberta focuses on improving the safety, quality, and utilization of food and biomaterials. We are working towards developing advanced, green technologies (e.g., atmospheric cold plasma, high intensity light pulses emitted from LEDs, 3D printing/additive manufacturing of food) to improve food safety and overall sustainability of food systems.

Following are the key research areas:

  • Antimicrobial Applications of Atmospheric Cold Plasma
    • Plasma activated air, water, micro/ultra fine (nano) bubbles, and mist 
    • Microbial decontamination 
    • Inactivation of microbial biofilms in processing environment 
  • Agricultural and Environmental Applications of Atmospheric Cold Plasma
    • Seed decontamination and germination improvement 
    • Mycotoxin degradation 
    • Plasma activated water as a green fertilizer and sanitizer for greenhouse and indoor farming - hydroponics and aquaponics 
  • Agri-Food Processing & Engineering
    • Low-moisture food safety engineering 
    • 3D printability of plant proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers  
    • Conventional antimicrobial interventions (e.g., peracetic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, dry heat, quats)
    • Conventional agri-food process intensification and development of novel extraction, homogenization, and drying processes 
    • Plant protein and carbohydrate particle formation (gels, powders, emulsions) and functionality improvement (e.g., peas, canola, lentil, faba bean, etc.) 
  • Wastewater Treatment
    • Atmospheric cold plasma bubble technology development
    • Treatments using ultraviolet and blue light pulses emitted from LEDs
    • Microbial decontamination 
    • Degradation of antibiotics and pesticides in wastewater 
  • Micro/Ultrafine (Nano) Bubble Technologies 
    • Microbial biofilm inactivation 
    • Water treatment 
  • UV LED applications
    • Microbial decontamination 
    • Water treatment

Principal Investigator

Dr. Roopesh Mohandas Syamaladevi (M. S. Roopesh)

Associate Professor
Food Safety & Sustainability Engineering





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