BSL-2 Laboratory

  • Mycotoxin analysis
  • Cold plasma treatment of surfaces
  • UV LED treatment (UV-A, NUV-Vis and Blue)
  • Water activity analysis
  • Microbiology 
  • 3D food printing facility
DBD plasma reactor
Plasma gas reactors
Plasma bubble reactors
Plasma from DBD electrode
Plasma from pin electrode
Plasma from pin reactor
Plasma power supply
Pin reactor
HV transformer
DBD plasma reactor
Plasma jet
Low-pressure plasma cooling
LED power controller
LED treatment chamber
3D food printer
Biosafety cabinet I
Biosafety cabinet II

BioSafety Level-2 (BSL-2) lab

  • Biosafety cabinet (2)
  • Benchtop humidity/temperature chamber
  • Water activity meter (Decagon devices)
  • Incubator
  • Water bath
  • Refrigerator/Freezer
  • DBD non-thermal plasma unit
  • DBD plasma reactor
  • DBD plasma jet
  • UV-A, NUV-Vis and Blue LED units and controller
  • LED reactor
  • Ultrasound mist generator
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Hot plate
  • Homogenizer
  • Vortex (2)
  • Colony counter
  • Benchtop homogenizer
  • Stomacher
  • Fume hood
  • pH meter
  • Analytical Balance
  • Pouch sealer
  • Starlite light energy meter
  • Digital thermometer (2)
  • Grinder
  • Utility cart
  • High temperature water activity system
  • Desktop computer
  • Portable spectrometer and optical fiber
  • Infrared thermal imager
  • Dessicator
  • Glue gun
  • Electric screw gun and tool box for engineering works
  • Desktop computer, laptop and printer
  • Draeger ozone, nitrous oxide, hydrogen peroxide tubes, pump kit 


2-49, Agriculture/Forestry Centre
University of Alberta, Edmonton