3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing of Food

Additive manufacturing (3D food printing) is a advanced approach to make new food products with customized nutritional and functional properties. We target to develop suitable 3D printing food inks, and improve the 3D printing process, products, and post-processing by novel approaches.

Research Directions:

  • Novel 3D food ink development by value addition and utilization of agricultural products
  • Microbial safety of 3D printed foods
  • New post-processing methods for 3D printed foods 

Students and Postdocs:

Yulia Barsukova, and Cinu Varghese


Dr. John Wolodko


*Varghese, C., Wolodko, J., Chen, L., Doschak., Srivastav, P. P., **Roopesh, M. S. Influence of selected product and process parameters on microstructure, rheological and textural properties of 3D printed cookies. Foods. 9(7), 907. https://doi.org/10.3390/foods9070907. Special issue “3D Food Printing: Future Outlook and Application in Food Sector”.