Agri-Food Processing & Engineering

Research Directions:

  • Low-moisture food safety engineering
  • Conventional antimicrobial interventions and their synergy with cold plasma (e.g., peracetic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, dry heat, quats)
  • Development of novel extraction, homogenization, drying processes and conventional agri-food process intensification (e.g., peas, canola, lentil, faba bean, etc.) 
  • Plant protein (e.g., peas, canola, fava bean, lentil) and polysaccharide particle preparation (gels, powders, emulsions) and functionality improvement by novel technologies (e.g., atmospheric cold plasma, UV light, and 3D printing)
  • Cold plasma interaction with plant proteins and polysaccharides to improve gelation and other functional properties (e.g., pea protein, fava bean, lupin, canola protein, hemp protein, pectin, betaglucan etc.)
  • Novel 3D food ink development by value addition and utilization of agricultural products

Students and Postdocs:

Yulia Barsukova, Sreelakshmi Menon, Pauline Chan, Muhammad Faisal Arif


Dr. Lingyun Chen and Dr. John Wolodko


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